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Named "The 2011 SC Economic Development Lobbyist of the Year"


State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) Relief:  Secured $146M for SUTA relief for 45,000 South Carolina businesses in 2011 and $77M in SUTA relief in 2012


Angel Investor Incentive Act:  Successfully passed a bill that provides much needed capital to high impact start up companies in South Carolina by providing a 35 percent credit to angel investors who invest in South Carolina high impact start ups.


Film Rebate Act:  Led the advocacy battle to increase rebates provided to motion picture production companies that spend at least $1M in South Carolina, increasing production company wage rebates to 25 percent from 15; and, increasing supplier rebates to production companies to 30 percent from 15.


SC Department of Employment and Workforce Changes:  Successfully reformed unemployment insurance agency and its policies to reflect pro-business changes


Anti-Employee Free Choice Act:  Passed Constitutional Amendment, guaranteeing the rights of workers to secret ballot election in union vote


Small Business Income Tax Reduction Act:  Reduced income taxes for small businesses


Tort Reform:  Passed pro-business Tort Reform legislation


Worker's Compensation Reform:  Passed Worker's Compensation Reform


Small Business Health Care Cooperatives:  Allowed businesses to pool together for the purpose of purchasing healthcare


SC Motion Picture Incentives Act:  Moved the SC Film Commission to the SC Parks Recreations and Tourism Cabinet Agency and out of the SC Department of Commerce to attract more motion picture productions to South Carolina

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The following section offers examples of legislative successes we either led or those on which we partnered with other advocates: